Saturday, June 29, 2013

.....those lazy, hazy days of summer.

The last few days have turned out to be a mini heat wave of sorts, with temps of 25c on Thurs, 25c yesterday, and the dial hitting 27c today. Let's make the most of it and hope that we get many more days like this during the rest of the summer!!!
The weather has been great for the Traditional Sail Regatta which is on this weekend. Some of the visiting old time schooners are fabulous.

Its great to see so many under sail just in front of the town. If you've time this weekend call down to Cobh and have a look. No better place to be in this hot weather!!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cobh Traditional Sail Regatta

This will be a great event this weekend and a chance to see some fantastic traditional yachts and larger sailing vessels sailing on the harbour.

This Regatta is now in its third year and, fair play to the hard working officers of Cove Sailing Club, it is going from strength to strength. This year there will be boats from the Uk and France, as well as Ireland. Amongst these will be three large schooners, the Irene, Soteria, and Ruth. These will be offering free harbour trips over the course of the weekend and will be berthed at the Deep Water Quay, Cobh.

For more details on the this great event check out

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Commodore Hotel Titanic Classic Car Run

This weekend!!!

What a magnificent display of vintage and classic cars! This weekend Cobh Classic Car club will be hosting the second Titanic classic car run. Over 50 classic and vintage cars will be on display in Westbourne Place, outside the Commodore Hotel. As well as local cars and cars from around the country there will be cars from as far away as the UK and Switzerland. Amongst these will be some beauties with some pristine Bugatti's on show.

It'll all be happening on Saturday 22nd with the car run commencing from the hotel at 11am. Cars will leave of batches of four and five and will head for Fota Island. After a pit stop at Fota the run will continue and the cars will circumnavigate the Great Island - all 36kms of it!!!

The cars will return to the Commodore Hotel where they will be on display over lunchtime.

After the crews are suitably revitalised they will continue with a run to Crosshaven and back before going once more on display outside the Commodore. The revelries will get under way at that stage with a evening trad session in O'Shea's Bar with renowned band 'Pot Belly.' It should be some craic....hope to see there this Sat!!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Views from our Roof Garden.....

With the current glorious weather there is no better place to take in the fabulous views of Cork Harbour than our own Roof Garden.

Its a great place to view the liners as they berth and then later depart. Here are a few photos to prove a point.

Also, during the summer months its a great place to have a barbecue. If you'd fancy hosting a barbecue as part of a family gathering, office or company outing then contact Ciara O'Mahony at 00-353-21-811277.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Is this summer going to be a cracker?

That's the question on everyone's lips, but it certainly has got off to a great start as we are now into our second week of glorious weather.

The Irish Independent reports '....Meanwhile, Ireland's most famous amateur weatherman in predicting a good summer ahead. Donegal postman, Michael Gallagher, uses the behaviour of animals and the development of plants to predict weather. He believes the recent cold weather and prolonged rain are behind us and we can look forward to some dry periods and sunshine. "In days gone by the old people would always say that if you have hailstones and extremely cold weather in May, that you're in for a good summer of weather. The old people were never far wrong with theor predictions and I'm hoping they're right and we will enjoy an extended good spell of sunshine," Mr. Gallagher added.'

Cobh certainly looks beautiful in weather like this as these photos attest to.....