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The Titanic at the mouth of Cork Harbour
Stay in the heart of Cobh (formerly Queenstown), Titanic's last port of call, & explore the story of Titanic, it's links to Cobh, and Cobh's unique maritime history. 2012 marked the 100th anniversary of Titanic's maiden voyage and Cobh in many ways has remained the same today as it was then. Many of the buildings from 1912 still exist. By exploring Titanic's last port of call you will walk in the footsteps of the last passenger's to board Titanic.

The Titanic with her bow pointed
towards Queenstown
We're offering two and three day packages to include participation on the Titanic Trail guided walking tour, a visit to the brand new Titanic Experience, a visit to the Queenstown Heritage Centre, and overnight accommodation in the Commodore Hotel, one of the hotels in which Titanic passengers stayed. BOOK NOW

If you are a history buff or fascinated by all things Titanic, then this is certainly a trip not to miss out on.
One of the tenders
at the White Star pier

On the 11th April 1912, the Titanic sailed into Queenstown, as Cobh was then known. She had sailed from Southampton two days before, stopping off in Cherbourg, France, on her way. Cobh was to be her last port of call as she continued on her maiden voyage to New York. At Cobh the Titanic collected mail, some supplies, and a further 123 passengers. A number of passengers disembarked, including the now famous Fr. Browne whose collection of photographs became the most comprehensive pictorial record of the ill-fated ship.
Porters loading mail on the tender
from the White Star pier,

Cobh, at the time, was a major trans-atlantic port of call, with many liners and merchant ships arriving and departing on a daily basis. Still there was an air of excitement on the day the Titanic was arriving, as this was the largest and most majestic liner in the World....'frantic preparations had already been put in motion in Queenstown. Ships were expected from Liverpool and New York that morning, but these now ranked as commonplace occurrences. What exercised everybody's mind was the imminent arrival of the largest liner in the world and an air of excitement was tangible.' (Father Browne's Titanic Album, E.E.O'Donnell, 2011)

Local vendor selling her wares onboard
'Queenstown bustled with life on the day of a sailing. Porters jostled for jobs; White Star officials attended to the special needs of infants and the infirm; vendors and hawkers plied what Frank Browne called 'Legal and illegal Trade'; American ladies bought their last samples of Irish lace. All of this was accompanied by the sound of the local Pipe Band and when the tenders were leaving the liner, having delivered passengers, cargo and mail, a lone trumpeter played a final salute.' (Father Brown's Titanic Album, E.E.O'Donnell, 2011)
Illegal Contraband

At 1:55pm that day, the Titanic weighed anchor for the last time and set sail. As she did, Fr. Browne and a number of others took the last pictures ever taken of the great ship from the tender America at the mouth of Cork Harbour. Within 3 days she had struck an iceberg in mid-Atlantic, and the consequential loss of life earmarked the Titanic story as one of the greatest maritime tragedies of all time.

Queenstown from the sea

Cobh has not changed much in the intervening years and today you will find many of the buildings and streetscapes as they were that day over a 100 years ago. As part of your visit you will experience Cobh as Titanic passengers would have by taking part in the Titanic Trail. Through the Titanic Trail, Dr. Michael Martin, offers a truly authentic Titanic experience. The entertaining and innovative Titanic Trail brings to life the story of the Titanic, and the events in the town on the day the Titanic left her last anchorage to sail into her icy fate in the North Atlantic.

Crowds gathering at the dock in
front of the White Star Line,
Your stay will also include a visit to the Titanic Experience. This brand new visitor attraction opened in February 2012 and tells the story of those 123 passengers who boarded Titanic from Queenstown. The Titanic Experience is housed in the original White Star Line offices through which passengers were processed and backs out onto the original pier from which the passengers departed on-board the tenders America and Ireland. The Titanic Experience brings the story to life using innovative audio visual technology, holographic imagery and touch screen technology.

A view of the Victorian Railway
Station which now houses
'Cobh the Queenstown Story'
The Queenstown Story completes your visit to Cobh. This intriguing Heritage Centre charts the history of Cobh as a major maritime centre; a port of embarkation for most of the emigrants who left Irish shores bound for the New World in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Within the context of this history the story of the two greatest maritime tragedies are told; Titanic and Lusitania.

The tenders America and Ireland off
the Deepwater Quay,
You can choose between a two or three day visit with accommodation in the Commodore Hotel. The Commodore Hotel is one of the many buildings that existed in Cobh at the time. In fact, the Queen's hotel, as it was then known, was built many years before having been one of the first purpose built hotels in the country. This hotel has witnessed most of the comings and goings of this historic port and is an ideal base for your visit. It overlooks the original White Star Line office and its famous pier. In fact, it boasts spectacular views of the harbour itself. Modern day ocean going cruise liners such as the Independence of the Seas and the Queen Elizabeth pass directly in front of the hotel, almost within touching distance.

Two nights accommodation, in a seaview room, and one evening meal, to include the Titanic Trail guided walking tour, entry to the Titanic Experience, and entry to 'Cobh the Queenstown Story' from €112 per person. BOOK NOW

Three nights accommodation, also in a seaview room, and one evening meal, again to include the Titanic Trail, Titanic Experience, and the Queenstown Story from €104 per person. BOOK NOW
A view of the Queens Hotel (now the Commodore Hotel)
from the sea

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